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Our internal specialists and family care providers are all primary care practitioners. And by primary care, we mean comprehensive, first-contact care that continues for a lifetime. While an important deciding factor is your comfort level with your doctor, here’s the difference between specialties to help you choose.

Internal Medicine

Internists are primary care physicians for adults ages 18+. They carry years of special training in preventing, diagnosing and treating acute illnesses, as well as addressing more chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, mental illness and cholesterol. Given their expertise, they’re often called upon to consult other physicians to help solve difficult diagnostic problems. Your internist can perform a routine screening, treat a simple problem, or handle a complex combination of conditions. They can also refer you to the right specialist should you need it.

Family Care

A family practitioner is specially trained to treat people across the lifespan, caring for infants, children and adults alike. Family doctors have formal training in pediatrics, adult medicine, obstetrics, gynecology, mental health and more. Your relationship with family physicians often grows along with your family, and given their broad training, they can deal with a wide range of health issues for the entire family.

As primary care physicians, we can connect with patients and treat them better by knowing their whole story.

- Todd Eberle, DO

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